Privacy Policy

In compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and maintaining transparency, the following terms have been established for visitors and clients to this website:

As of May 26, 2018

Any information obtained via this website, either directly, by e-mail, or other communication, shall not be sold or given to any outside party, information is solely kept with the owner of the website, Rocco Peditto. Any confidential information obtained via email correspondence is secured through the email's server and multi-level verification of the companies accounts have been enabled for extra security to prevent an outside attempt to hack information. The information obtained by the website owner, Rocco Peditto, via e-mail, directly through the website, by phone, or SMS, is not shared with any outside parties unless otherwise agreed by the sender prior to any action taken in releasing data.

We use cookies for special visitors and determine the geographic region to see where our audience is, this is done to see where in the world our content is being viewed and how often we get visitors. This process is achieved with the use of Google Analytics, giving us access to IP addresses and keyword searches. This information is also used to see how visitors find our website (e.g, social media links, online promotions, or search engine inquiries) as well as to see which content is most popular. This information gathered is also not shared with any outside parties.

In the event of a data breach, the following forms will be filed to the national supervisory authority with the relevant information to comply with GDPR:

Form 1

Form 2

Form 3